4 months old baby

Question: My baby is having hair fall what should I do

2 Answers
Answer: There is nothing to worry if baby is having hair fall and it is very normal. Babies usually lose their hairs during first 6 months..provide him enough tummy time by letting him lie on his tummy on the floor or bed. Also daily apply Coconut oil to ur baby hairs
Answer: Normal at 4 months babies do have a hair fall don't worry much about that new hair will come by itself
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Question: What to do to stop hair fall after post pragnancy?
Answer: Oh i also have same hairfall issue after delivery then i knows its due 2 haromal changes .then my friend advised to just soak ¼ teaspoon of fenugreek seeds overnight and strain the water in the morning. Now apply this water on your head and allow it to stay for a couple of hours and rinse. A paste of roasted fenugreek seeds can also be applied to the scalp.nd apply olive oil regukarly its helpful in reducing hair fall..nd take healthy diet too .try it
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Question: My baby is having loose motion since morning what should I do..please suggest
Answer: Agar baby six month se upper hai to ors ka liquid die agar kam hai to dr. Se concern karo
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Question: My 18 day's old baby is having motion 6to 7 times a day what should I do?
Answer: Give your baby banana apple potato rice curd pomegranate juice and probiotics
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