7 months old baby

Question: My baby is having fever 99.5 what shud I do?

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Answer: More important than the fever itself is how your child feels overall. If she's eating, sleeping, and playing well, there is nothing much to worry. However if fever persists along with other symptoms like vomiting, loose motion, irritable nature, loss of appetite, lethargy etc then following suggestions might be of your help - Try removing layers of clothing, giving her a lukewarm tub or sponge bath, or letting her rest in a cool (not cold) room. Prevent dehydration by breast- or bottle-feeding frequently. If these steps don't bring relief, call your baby's doctor to see whether medication is in order. If it is, be sure to ask what dosage is appropriate – the safe amount is based on your baby's weight, which changes frequently. Make sure never to give more than the recommended dosage at the appropriate intervals. My doctor had recommended another medicine i.e., T98 for my child, that helped.
Answer: A normal temperature is about 98.6°F (37°C) when taken orally (in your child’s mouth) and 99.6°F (37.5°C) when taken rectally (in your child’s bottom). Many doctors define a fever as an oral temperature above 99.5°F (37.5°C) or a rectal temperature above 100.4°F (38°C). It's just high temperature which is common for babies, apart from temperature anything else giving you sense of fever?
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Question: My baby is continuously crying..and having fever 99.5, what I should do.....?
Answer: Hi dear, Body temperature of 100 and above id considered fever.at present your baby need not take any paracetamol.Baby can cry due to lot many reasons. Baby could be colic.that is gas pain could be really uncomfortable for the babies.please try to release the gas by mild massaging the belly or cycling motions of leg. Baby could cry for feed.if the baby is not burped properly the air trapped in the food pipe could hurt baby's chest and other organs.alao if the baby is still hungry and due to the same reason baby can't take more feed. Baby could be sleepy.some babies needs lot of time to get sleep,even if they are sleepy. Comfort the baby by breastfeeding and singing lullaby.donot take baby to bright lights at the time of sleeping. Baby could be having ear pain .which the very common infection a baby gets during cold. Assess the reason and act accordingly.if the baby still cries for more than 3 hours ,won't stop no matter what you do,take him to doctor....
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Question: My baby girl having fever ranging from 99.5 to 100.4. What will be treatment
Answer: Hi for babies fever considered if temperature is more than 100.4 degree. And baby getting sick is a nightmare for moms and sooner or later baby will get some diseases so it's better to be strong to handle it. Here are some methods which worked for me you can also try: Place a cool, damp washcloth on your child's forehead while she rests. Give your child a lukewarm tub bath or a sponge bath. Use a fan. Again, you don't want your child to be chilled. Keep the fan at a low setting and have it circulate the air around her rather than blow directly on her. Remove layers of clothing so your child can lose heat more easily through her skin. Dress her in one light layer. If she's shivering, give her a light blanket until she's warm again. Stay indoors in a cool place. Or, if you're outside, stay in the shade.
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Question: My 15 days old baby boy has 99.5 fever what should i do ? Please reply urgently
Answer: Hi, fever could be indicative of some ongoing problem with bays health and will need medical attention. do not try to medicate the baby by yourself. do contact your doctor to get your baby examined and use treatment recommended by your doctor
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