6 months old baby

Question: My baby is having excessive gas formation... I am not having gas problem. Baby is taking formula feeding. His stool colour is black. What is the reason*?

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Answer: hi dear! so dear formula feeding contains iron approx 10mg . the bacteria in the intestines react to the iron sulfate in a supplement or iron-fortified formula. The reaction turns the baby poop dark green or sometimes even greenish-black. so dont get worried . you might want to consult your doctor . this is not a problem as such so dont worry dear. take care dear!
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Question: I am 21 week pregnant. What are the probable reason for black colour stool?
Answer: Iron tablets may be the reason for black colour stool. Excess iron discharge comes out like that. Check with doctor.
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant my stool is black colour past 4 days what is the reason
Answer: Hello... Dear during pregnancy,black colour stool happens due to consumption of iron tablet, it is pretty normal to have black stool while consuming iron tablets,it also causes constipation,nausea, stomach upset and vomitting,black colour is due to unabsorbed iron and it is not a harmful effect
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Question: im having black stool what is the reason a
Answer: Hello, Dear iron tablet or iron rich food is the main reason for black stool . Its nothing to worry about. Don't worry it will be fine just increase your fluid intake.
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