1 months old baby

Question: My baby is having acne on face..reddish clr..what shud i apply?

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Answer: Baby acne is very common and usually harmless. I believe the best advice is to leave it alone. Many moisturizers have alcohol, petrolatum or mineral oil which actually make acne worse. Overly washing can dry out the skin which in turn causes the skin to secrete more sebum. Acne can be caused by hormonal changes in the newborn. It is normal and it will go away. Make sure to use gentle fabric detergent for the clothes and bedding. I personally put breast milk on it and the rash went away. Breast milk also helps heal the scratches from little fingernails in less than a day. You can try this once as it has no side effects.
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Question: can I apply candid dusting powder on face for acne
Answer: Hi, If you taking certain medications while breastfeeding, or  in some cases,  reacting to a skincare product, particularly an oily one that can block pore. Don't use over-the-counter acne medicines.... Don't scrub. acne isn't caused by dirt. In fact, too much washing can further irritate your skin, so don't overdo it.... Don't put oily lotions on your  skin. These can make the acne worse. ... Do: Simply wash your  face with mild baby soap and water once a day. Gently pat it dry.... After delivery it will go out.... Apply sandal mask with rose water will help you.... Alovera jel is also effective....
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Question: My baby is 1month 8days old. He is having dryness on his head and little acne on his face.. Which oil should I apply on his head????
Answer: Nothig to do its normal.do shampoo daily and also use comb after bathing in waty hair
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Question: My baby is having some red acne on face nd they are increasing. What to do?
Answer: I have faced the same problem with my baby too ...need not worry .u can see these acne up to 3months .consult doctor he will advice u some body lotions .it quite normal in new born babies
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