5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4and half month now..can I take her to hill stations?? By this she get any problems?

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Answer: Hi.. Yes, you can take her along. Keep all her warm clothing along with warm stockings, caps and gloves. Keep all her medicines handy, enough diapers etc.
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Question: My baby girl is 4and half month old. She doesn't roll yet. I m worried.
Answer: Hi dear, this is absolutely ok if 5 month old child is not rolling yet but he is trying hard . The rolling span for kids are 4- 8 months few starts early and others achieve this milestone in later months it's absolutely fine no need to worry about this, to increase the possibility of rolling give lots of tummy time to your child and massage his hands and shoulders two to three times a day. Once your baby is 6 months start feeding solids. Your baby's healthy and doing great don't worry relax and enjoy his childhood.
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Question: My baby is 4and half month old...can I make her sit with a support??
Answer: Hi Your baby is too young to sit even with support so please have patience and wait for some time. I know mother's are excited to watch their little sitting, crawling and putting tiny steps but not so early ,you can do once your baby completes 6 months
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Question: Im 4and half month pregnant but i can't feel baby's kicking. Have I get any problem
Answer: Now u can't feel or understand kick. U understand kicks more accurate in after 5 month or 6th month
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