3 years old baby

Question: My baby is habituated of milk... And doctors are suggesting us to avoid milk and start solids...but my son doesn't tak any solid foods except milk...hoe to decrease milk quantity in his diet

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Answer: Well you need to reduce it gradually.yoh can give him milk frequently but in less amount may be .this is to just curb his cravings.and then increase his solid intake gradually too.it won't happen all of a sudden.
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Question: How many times should I give solid foods to my six months old baby
Answer: Morning nd evening enough my dear first start small amount after one week you can add half spoon at 7th you can give 3times for day
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Question: Hi my baby is now 5 months and 23 days and going to complete 6 months on 22 nd Jan and I am bit confuse how to follow his diet plan of solid food everyday And second when he born he was 2,800 gm and now he is 5,250 gm so is his growth okay or not as he do not looks so chubby.
Answer: Dnt worry about chubbyness..as long as baby is healthy ,no worries.glad that your baby going yo start solids now..keep it slow,introduce one food at a time ..I started with raagi slurry and in fruits banana and steamed mashed apple..lasted can give daal water,mashed runny khichdi,vegetable soups,porridge,rice kanji etc too..once baby gets used to eat may be later months you can introduce idly,upma too..observe if baby is unable to digest anything in particular and go ahead accordingly..
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Question: Hi, my son is nine months old, but he has not started nor trying to crawl. He was born in seventh month am very much concerned.
Answer: Hi dear, most of the babies usually begin to crawl between 8-11 months old.better to give your baby adequate tummy time, reduce the amount of of the time in walkers, give your baby a little extra motivation, get on the floor and crawl with your baby things can do to help your baby learn to crawl.take care of your baby
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