2 years old baby

Question: my baby is going to be 2 but he does not eat solids every thing goes in semiliquid form or buy crushing what 2 do

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Answer: Hello...yes kids need time to accept solid...give in semi solid form not a problem .. slowly try changing the consistency of food you are trying to give..
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Question: My baby is 2 year old but he does not eat solid food he should eat any thing in puree form and does not. Talk and listen any thing what can i do? Help me
Answer: Dear here are few tricks that we tried with my daughter when she was REALLY little and ate hardly anything: Keep offering the solid you are attempting to get him to eat. He doesn't HAVE to eat it, but he should be exposed to it. He may pick it up and play with it and feel it. That's ok. He is getting used to it--it's a process. Offer soft foods cut up in small pieces. He might be more inclined to actually put a soft bite of banana in his mouth than a crunchy cracker. Bananas, cooked peas and carrots, avocado, plain cooked macaroni, etc. And cut them smaller than you think necessary. Sometimes it helped to give my daughter a spoon and let her try to feed herself. She might have only gotten a couple of bites into her mouth, but she was more likely to keep it in her mouth, chew, and swallow it. Offer the new food first when he's really, truly hungry. If you want him to try a banana but you offer it after his yogurt or whatever, he won't be hungry and will have little motivation to try something new. Maybe while you're prepping breakfast, sit him in his high chair and give him a few bites of the banana to look at/play with/attempt to eat while you chop up the rest of the banana to go in his breakfast. Remain calm. This is sooooooo hard because it can be frustrating and nerve-wracking when your child eats a diet of about three things. But if you are anxious at mealtimes, he absolutely will pick up on that. I can tell you from experience that it will not help the situation. Keep working with him and see if he improves. With our daughter we knew she couldeat other things, she just didn't want to eat some of them. She's almost 4 now and her diet isn't amazing, but it varies more now than it did even 6 months ago, and every few months we're able to add a few more foods and textures to her diet. If you aren't seeing some kind of improvement over the next few months (I wouldn't give it anymore than 3 months) then you should definitely schedule an appointment with your pediatrician to determine if he needs to be assessed for any developmental issues. Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby is not going poop in 2 days and he is crying what to do?
Answer: You can apply Hing paste on her abdomen. To make paste take a pinch of Hing in a spoon of water and warm it. After cooling paste gently apply it on your baby's naval in circular motion and slowly moving outward covering her abdomen. Hope this relief her.
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Question: how to give Apple to my baby?? in liquid form by making juice or in solid form by crushing with hand?? my baby is 10.5 months
Answer: Hello You can make apple juice. Make apple puree. Boil the apple for 15 to 20 mins. It softens nicely. Scrape it out mash it or grind it. Then u can feed ur baby aft it's cooled.
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Question: My baby does not drink milk or eat solids properly.. what should I do to increase his appetite
Answer: Hi Ur baby is too small to digest the solid food as it is their starting time to start solid. U don't force ur baby to eat otherwise they will vomit. Ur baby's digestive system is still developing. So, if ur baby is taking proper breastfeeding and is active enough then u don't need to worry
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