3 months old baby

Question: My baby is getting loose motion..wat i should do..

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Answer: Hello! If the baby is on breastmilk then continue feeding. And if on formula milk then check on the brand. See if there is any change in brand and might be not suiting the baby. Talk to the doctor in such case. Teething can also be the reason why baby is getting loose motions. Make sure you continuously feed the baby to keep baby hydrated. If the number of times passing stool is more than consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: My baby has a loose motion. Wat should i do?
Answer: Hii dear. Stay calm. Dont  worry. It do happen. Even last week my baby also fall sick due to weather .  The first cure to loose motion is to ensure that whatever the baby puts in its mouth should be disinfected. Wash all the toys, tether etc. in a mild soap solution or dip into a disinfectant. Wash the toys in running water and then you can give to your child. Also, check whether for the baby’s playing area. Breastfed babies should be given breast milk only as it has anti-infective factors and all the necessary nutrients that will help your baby fight against bacterial or viral diarrhoea. And, also breastmilk will help ease the symptoms of the disease. Do not try any other remedies for your newborn baby or if your baby is below 6 months of age.if problem persists more than one day plz consult. Doctor.  All the best. 
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Question: My baby is having loose motion..wat should i do???
Answer: Hi Here are the some remedies include,Because of loose motions, babies lose a lot of potassium, and it is necessary to replenish it.give plenty of water or ors solution..Mix a teaspoon of ginger, some cinnamon powder, a bit of cumin powder and a teaspoon of honey. Give this mixture to your baby thrice a day.Soak a bowl of puffed rice in a glass of water for about 15-20 minutes. Strain the rice and give the water to your baby twice a day to provide quick relief from loose motions. Homemade buttermilk is effective in fighting germs and bacteria. It soothes the digestive system quickly.Lemon is found in most households and is a great home remedy for curing loose motions in kids.
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Question: My baby is having loose motion Wat shld i. Do
Answer: Not to worry dear🙂 As small babies immune system is not developed fully so they are facing many stomach problems.Breastfeed ur baby as much as possible.Breast milk is a natural source of antioxidants,it alone can do wonders
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