4 months old baby

Question: My baby is four month old and since 15days he have loss of hair wht can i do

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Answer: My baby also facing same problem.
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Question: My baby is six month old .He is not pooping (four days ) .I have started semi solid food .What should I do ?
Answer: Hi, give high fibre containing foods include fruits like skinless apple, broccali, peaches, pears and fruit juices, vegetables.avoid foods which causes constipation.give plenty of warm water.give warm bath relaxes abdominal muscles and help them to stop straining .gentle massage on tummy and move the babys legs while they are lying on their back to mimic motion of riding a bicycle will helps in relieving constipation.take care of your baby
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Question: Baby having loss of hair wht can i do
Answer: Dear aftet birth hair fall s common in infants .so dear use almond oil regularly to ur babies scalp Almond oil is the good source of vitamin E and magnesium which is helpful in nourishing your baby's hair growth and at the same time, prevents hair fall. Apply the oil through your older baby's hair with your fingers and massage it into her scalp. Almond oil smells sweet and can help promote thick, healthy hair.
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Question: My baby having hair loss wht can i do
Answer: Actually birth hair would shed gradually.. So in case your baby is shedding some hair everyday its ok.new hair would keep growing side by side..on rare case if baby hair loss is in patches,then this could be serious..please check with doctor..oil baby hair with natural oil,and use mild shampoo too..
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