8 months old baby

Question: my baby is feeling uncomfortable. she poops 4-5 times a day since last 5 days yesterday I noticed fever also .. her hands and feet are very hot

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Answer: Hello Keep your baby well hydrated as babies tend to loose water give them electrolyte water so they can restore the electrolytes they have lost. The other remedies are sabodana water, breast milk is the best cure for dieriya, loose pomegranate or juice also helps but dilute the juice if u feel it's too concentrated curd is the best probiotic. Coconut water also helps. Hope I helped.
Answer: Give Jaifal in breast milk he will feel well and get better sleep.
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Question: My baby pees very often like every 10 to 15 mins she pees.. is that a problem?? Also she poops 4 to 5 times a day
Answer: Hi don't worry it's normal as if baby passes more urine then it's a good sign and indicate that baby is healthy and getting sufficient amount of fluids and also if baby poops for about 7 to 8 times in a day then it's normal and if baby is active playful sleep well takes proper feed won't cry after feeding and weight gain is normal then no need to worry about it. Take care
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Question: My babys feet and hands are always cold in hot weather also. Even if I wear her socks
Answer: Hie Little babies cannot regulate their heat production and keep same temperature of 37°C Babies have very little body fat and more body water and also has immature soft skin, which makes it get and lose heat pretty quickly babys temperature may vary several times a day Any sources of heat and cold in your room, when placed closer to the baby, may affect this change. Babies have underdeveloped thermoregulation system they are not good at adjusting their body temperature As they grow around 6-8 months they get better at it  When your baby is active and moving a lot, or even when it is crying,feeding the body temperature can rise, and you will feel this heat. Too much bundling, swaddling, close radiant warmers can lead to overheating. 
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Question: I am 7month pregnant. My feet and hands are usually very hot .is it ok
Answer: Yes this is normal. It is because there is not weight on your feet that swells your veins also because of hormonal changes body produces more heat and you get burning feet. You should put some colony gel or wash regularly or spa. You can keep your feet elevated.
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