1 months old baby

Question: My baby is exclusively on BM.. When she feed my other breast start leaking.. And even the milk flow is also too fast what to do

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Answer: If u r feeding on left side, use ur right hand near elbow portion to press and hold the other nipple. Ur right palm will be free to caress baby's face and head ...
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Question: My baby is on bm when i feed my baby she is easily latching but when flow of milk starts she is crying ang leave to latching
Answer: This is normal. Babies are unable to grab that speed. When you feel the flow is more n baby is leaving nipple, apply cloth on it, let that milk get absorbed by it. When flow stops, start feeding baby again. I experienced the same... From 2-3 weeks your baby will catch the flow better. Take care
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Question: Hi my girl baby is 6 days old .... when I breast feed my baby in one breast the other starts leaking a lot . What to do? ?
Answer: this is very common in the new moms..as the breast supply is more and the babys intake of breast milk is less as he is very small..the leakge of breast occurs..there is no way to stop this..use can use breast leaking pads and place it on your breast. as the child grows the intake also increases for the baby and the leakage decrease.. you need to feed 20 minutes from each breast to your baby..this also reduces the leakage
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Question: When baby sucking one breast milk is coming from other breast also. What to do ?
Answer: Hi,then you should start with the other one first else the milk from the other side will get dried up or you will start getting Lumos which are painful So try feeding from the other side first .
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