4 months old baby

Question: My baby is exact 4 months now.. Her weight is 5.5kg... Her birth weight was 3 kg... Is 5.5kg is normal weight or under weight?

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Answer: hello.. your baby is absolutely fine.. he is not underweight.. till he completes his six months you breast feed your baby.. Breast milk is much easier to digest then any formula in the market, at the same time it provides protection against infections, prevents future food allergies, helps the growth of healthy teeth, and most important it improves brain development. Breast-feeding is the act of naturally feeding an infant with milk produced in the mother’s breast.
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    Varnitha Kiran1323 days ago

    Thank you so much

Answer: yes this weight is really good..
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    Varnitha Kiran1320 days ago


Answer: under
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    Varnitha Kiran1322 days ago

    Is it... !!? Then how much weight she should be now?