3 months old baby

Question: my baby is doing yellow poo.. but thete is something white type glittery substance in the poo. is this the matter of concern.. plzz suggest ....

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Answer: Hi dear I don't think it is a great concern but the glittery substance unfortunately I have never heard of In The Poop and so it is better for you to check it and if it is needed then only take the baby to the doctor but I would suggest if the baby is active feeling well p and Poop count is good there is no problem just keep a check on the poop..it might happen that the baby has swallowed something so you need to be careful on that so keeping a check On The Poop will help.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Mera baby bhi same karti hai
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Question: My baby is completely formula milk,he is doing green potty???? Is this matter of concern
Answer: Hi Dear! The Iron content of formula milk is causing the green poop, its common with formula fed babies and breastfed babies too due to fore milk and hind milk imbalance.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My by stool is yellow but it is not seedy ,a white curd like substance is appeared ,is it a matter of concern
Answer: Hello dear Mucous in the babys poop is a cause of concern. Babies who are breastfed may be more likely to have mucus in their poop because their stool passes through their intestines. Mucus in baby poop isn’t a cause for concern. If a baby is formula-fed, a doctor may recommend switching formulas to a milk-free.
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Question: My baby doing the curd type motion of yellow colour with white clots.....is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear. White clots may indicate that the baby is not digesting the food well. Te stool gets its brown colour from the bile in gall bladder. May be lack of stool causes this white clots. Consult a peadiatrician
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