1 months old baby

Question: My baby is doing poop 5 to 6 times and it looks like yellowish watery type.why?

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Answer: It's common in 1month old baby... Even my son when he was 1month he was pooping for 6-7 times in a day and till 1.5month it was same... Later on automatically routine got changed
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Question: My baby is 1year 1 month old and 5 times poop... Is it normal? And he is not walking yet
Answer: Now baby teething has started that is why 5-6 time poop is normal. At this time you should clean baby surrounding. This time baby like to chew any thing. You should massage baby legs with dabur lal oil. You should also give calcium rich foods like milk dahi lassi cheese paner.
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Question: My baby is doing potty 5 to 6 times.is it normal
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear the baby who s depended on milk nd do 10 times poop in a day its also normal .so dont worry if baby s passing 5 to 6 times poop in a day .give bf after two two hours to ur baby.
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Question: My baby is doing dark green color poop is it normal
Answer: If you are giving formula milk then it is common. Nothing to worrry
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