10 months old baby

Question: My baby is doing hard potty and while he is crying

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Answer: This looks like the baby is highly constipated.constipation in babies would be due to not drinking sufficient water,not enough fibre in diet,eating lot of refined foods.so you need to change baby's routine and lifestyle to treat constipation.once the baby ,,gets up,give a cup of warm water with honey.include lot of veggies in diet,prefer fruits over juices.this would ensure enough fibre in diet.avoid any refined foods, include biscuits,chips,chocolates etc.oats are excellent source of fibre.aone kids gets constipated with cow milk.so observe this change.stop cow milk for two days and see if it makes any difference.give him soups,and plenty of water in a day.make his toilet routined.every day at the same time make him practice popping.it could take weeks to get him habituated,but on a long run this would help.else doctors would prescribe suppositories or laxatives to make him poop.try avoiding at such early age and change his diet.
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Question: My baby has doing vry hard stool while she is doing a potty she is crying what can i do
Answer: Hello Its because of dehydration, give ur baby enough water and liquid food such as apple juice or apple puree which helps in giving relief from constipation and also u should massage gently on ur baby's tummy.
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Question: My 21 months old boy stool is hard and contains blood he crying while doing stool. Is he constipated?
Answer: Hi dear. Give him plenty of water. If he is not drinking water . Try to give him fresh juice . And also give me water fruits like water melon , musk melon etc. He will be alright soon . Don't worry .
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Question: My baby cries while doing potty lot of pain n crying. Very hard potty. What to do?
Answer: Hi dear. your baby seems to be constipated. daily massage your baby's tummy with few drops of mustard oil in circular motion , make sure oil should not be too hot . also make her do cycling cycling exercise at least 50 times a day . soak few raisins in water overnight and give water to your baby next morning this will really help your baby in eradicating her problem of constipation .
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