7 months old baby

Question: my baby is doing green watery potty .... what to do

Answer: Hello ma'am , Sometimes baby start green poo it is common . Green poo causes :- 1) deit - children digestive system function more quickly than adult . Green stool could be the result of eating lots of leafy green vegetables.  2)Digestive Problems 3) Medication And Supplements - baby poo green may turn due to iron supplement and vitamin 4) food poisoning - child’s digestive system is extremely sensitive to a large variety of different food. 5) due to teething . 6) mother deit . Treatment :- 1) avoid green vegetables 2) avoid giving cow milk to the child 3) if ur child is allergic reaction u can figure out which food is cause of reaction. Thanku
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Question: baby is doing green potty wid cough what to do
Answer: Hi! Green potty is common in babies. You only worry when the poop is black, white or red, Or there is no poop even after 10 days. If the frequency of green potty in a day increases or even if loosies are occuring, then chances of stomach infection can be there. My paed said that since everything goes into baby's mouth, sometimes green potty occurs. However please check the following; *If baby has cold? *If baby is on Iron drops *The green can be due to the iron content of the formula milk you are offering. * Hind milk and fore milk imbalance- please ensure to feed the baby from both the breasts to avoid the imbalance. * Infection which can cause from the bottle or nipple if not washed properly. Please see a Doctor if baby shows discomfort. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is doing green potty n giving pressure while doing potty...what should I do
Answer: Hello! there are majorly 3 reasons for baby to pass green stool. First, imbalance in foremilk and hindmilk. When baby takes only foremilk he is likely to pass green stool. For this feed baby for minimum of 20mins each breast. This way he ll get hindmilk. Second, When baby has any bacterial or viral infection like cold and cough. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. And you can also use mustard garlic ajwain oil to massage his body. Third, It could be due to stomach infection. In this case get stool test done
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Question: My baby is doing green watery poop...what to do...and what's the reason of it?
Answer: Dear green poop vould have many reason. Cold, or stomach infe tion, or some new formula milk introduced or teething all these could cause green watery poop. As ur baby is sma wr cannot give him home remedies hence please consult doctor for medication. Continue breastfeeding as it helps in recovering. Hope it helps.
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