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Question: My baby is doing green watery potty...wat vil b d reason

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Answer: Hi Consistently green stools in the breastfed baby can indicate an imbalance of foremilk/hindmilk, often resulting in frothygreen stools. So make your baby take feed for long. Foremilk is the starting flow of bf and hindmilk is the end flow.vith are equally important for baby.  If your baby is on iron supplements as suggested by your pediatrician, his/her poop can be dark green in color. It is the side effect due to the result of unabsorbed iron by the baby’s body. simple cold can also the reason for the green poop in babies.green color means his mucus I'd coming out from body.Also possible if mom has eaten food with green color.  All the best
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Question: Hi my son 2 month doing bottom green colour potty ?what wl b d reason
Answer: Hi,green color is not a good sign as it indicates imbalance between foremilk and hind milk Also if the baby has too much of milk at one ho it leads to gas formation Also it shows the sensitivity of mother to some food it It is very p that mother should have this in her diet Have adequate water Have ginger in her food Have fibrous food like green veggies and carrots Have fruits like papaya and banana Nuts like figs and prunes
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Question: my baby ia 7 months old...still doing green potty! wht is d reason?
Answer: It can be that your baby is not digesting the milk properly. Your baby's body may not be able to cope with the increased amount of lactose (milk sugar) from all the milk your baby is drinking. If your baby can't digest the increased amount of lactose properly, there will be more gas and water than usual in intestines. This will give cramping pains and runnier, green (often explosive) stools.
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Question: my baby is doing green watery potty .... what to do
Answer: Hello ma'am , Sometimes baby start green poo it is common . Green poo causes :- 1) deit - children digestive system function more quickly than adult . Green stool could be the result of eating lots of leafy green vegetables.  2)Digestive Problems 3) Medication And Supplements - baby poo green may turn due to iron supplement and vitamin 4) food poisoning - child’s digestive system is extremely sensitive to a large variety of different food. 5) due to teething . 6) mother deit . Treatment :- 1) avoid green vegetables 2) avoid giving cow milk to the child 3) if ur child is allergic reaction u can figure out which food is cause of reaction. Thanku
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