10 months old baby

Question: My baby is doing green poop 3 times in night and 1 time vomit also she is not eating anything from 10 days just on mother feed she had little allergy on face? What should I do

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Answer: U should consult child specialist asap... It's may b due to infection
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Question: My baby is not gaining weight from past 2 months. His birth weight was 3.68 kgs. Also nowadays he is not eating food properly. What should I do?
Answer: some baby are fussy eaters when Baby was playing you can offer different types of food. when you are taking food you should also take your kid. Try attractive utensils . Give different types of food so that babu will bore.
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Question: My 1 year old is not eating anything from 2 days. When i try to feed her she moves her face away. What could be the reason? She is also on teething period.
Answer: Hi, even my baby doing the same , don't force baby to have instead give her roti, biscuit , apple or any solid food let her try herself to feed. Once she is done playing with it after 10-15 min grind rice dal , fruit juice, or anything else and feed from bottle. In a week's time she will start having again. This will help to improve her motor skills and even her tummy will be full as you feed her
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Question: My baby always do potty just after eating anything but in little quantity some white yellowish color should I call dr ? Is this s serious thing or not?
Answer: Dear some babies will poo after every feed and some every three days.it is all normal .pooing after every feed is a actually good sign that your baby is getting plenty of hydration.As your baby’s stomach fillsup, the food stimulates baby digestive tract, giving urge to do a poo.so not to worry.take care of your baby
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