2 months old baby

Question: my baby is difficult for motion give some tips pleass

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Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is having constipation then try home remedies : 1. Increase Water Consumption. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it's easy to assume she's getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet. 2. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” 3. Try a Different Brand of Formula 4. Massage Her Tummy 5. Give Him a Warm Bath.
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Question: Hi i have pcod ,is it difficult to conceive,give me some tips
Answer: Hi, PCOD is the problem of irregular periods,weight gain. It's a lifestyle health issue and not a disease. So hence Lifestyle need to be changed. No junk food, high sugar consumption is not allowed as in PCOD insulin resistance and whatsoever we eat everything turn into sugar,so consumption of sweet, drinks with high sugar, fatty, maida based food is restricted, try to consume multi grain or millet rotis instead of wheat rotis, rice,pasta,maida avoid, junk food avoid. Add -30 min of exercise everyday be it walk,dance, swimming. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Have dinner early ( one of biggest reason for weight gain late & heavy dinner). Do take vitamin D & folic acid, sit in sun atleast for 10-15 min, flaxseed with luck warm water mrng & night. Increase protein intake. Take lot of water & laugh. Stress is one of reason for hormonal imbalance which leads to PCOD thyroid. Hope this helps
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Question: Please give some weight increasing tips for my baby girl
Answer: If u feed any food mix some more amount of good cholestrol ghee...and..dryfruits powder mix in milk...these are good for health...and also help to weight increase...for ur babygirl
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Question: Plz give some weight increase tips for my baby girl
Answer: Hello dear, a 15 month old baby can be given all the food made at home.Their diet should includecereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc. vegetables,cooked and smashed alongwith rice or chapathis are definitely to be given. Don't forget to give green leafy vegetables daily.vegetablesoup is also Good Digital far as possible vegetarian food is to be given.Ragi too is very good forkids. Instead of sugar, add jaggery .This will definitely keep animea away.never make the child anaddict of modern food items like bread,readymade noodles etc
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