1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 28 days today.. she was born with a low weight of 2.3.. first few days i used to pump the milk n feed her through bottle in every 2.5 hrs.. bt now from last 4-5 days i have stopped pumping and directly breast feeding her.. but what she does is she drinks for about 3-5 minutes and she sleeps.. and then she wakes up after half an hr and then again she cries. when i formula feed her she drinks properly.her weight is reducing..what should i do..please help

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Answer: It is very common, babies feel secure in bf and relaxed and go off to sleep. You should try to help the baby awake by tiggling her ears or feet. She should sick for at least 1.-15 minutes from each side.
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Question: I feed my baby for 30 minutes but still she cries then I give her lactogen milk she drinks that also it means I have less milk
Answer: Hi dear you are supply cannot be measured on how much the baby latches you need to check it through your baby speak out and weight if your baby is gaining weight and if you are baby is having around 6 to 8 Pee counts in 24 hours then there is no problem in your supply the baby can latch for an hour but that doesn't mean that you do not have supply so please check that and I would request you to please have faith on yourself can feed the baby this is the best that you can offer . Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi.. my daughter is 91 days old. She is taking feed onky for 5 to 7 minutes in the gap of 2 hrs.. her birth wt is 2.3 kg and her current wt is 4.8kg.. Is this normal??
Answer: Pls continue feeding the baby on demand. Keep an eye on the pee count. If pee count is 6+ in a day it means your baby is getting enough & is well hydrated and there is nothing to worry. As per the weight you mentioned, your baby is doing good.
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Question: Baby is 3 days old and doesn't suck well.i am using nipple to express and then feed him but she sleeps within 2 minutes of feeding. How do I make sure she drinks enough milk
Answer: First 2 weeks after birth baby do sleep while feeding so dnt worry.. Just tickle on her ears or legs
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