5 months old baby

Question: Hii my baby is 5 mths 8 days she gets itching in her mouth and puts her hand in mouth ...she seems irritated for her teeth bud developing..wat could I do to pacify her

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Answer: Eat dried coconut or any form of coconut along with ur diet schedule..it will increase milksupply
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Question: my baby is getting irritated and she constantly puts her fingers in her mouth. Are these the signs of teething?
Answer: Expert Advice Home Log in Join now to personalize BabyCenter for your pregnancy Home / Children's Health / Teething & Tooth Care / Teething & Baby Teeth Teething signs and symptoms  IN THIS ARTICLE Signs that your baby is teethingWhat's not from teethingWhen to worry about a late teether Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board Last updated: November 2016           From the time your child's first tooth emerges to how much pain it causes, teething is a different experience for every child. Here's how to spot the signs that your baby is teething so you know how to treat the discomfort. Signs that your baby is teething Symptoms can last for just a few days, right around the time a new tooth is emerging, or for as long as several months if a lot of teeth come through all at once. For a few lucky babies (and parents), teething doesn't cause any noticeable signs at all. What's tricky is that there's no single set of teething symptoms. advertisement | page continues below "No more than a third of babies have any one symptom," says pediatrician Deb Lonzer, chairperson of the department of community pediatrics at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital. "So, one-third of the kids might drool, another third might be irritable, and another third might have trouble sleeping." These are common signs of teething: Drooling Swollen, bulging gums A tooth visible below the gumIrritability Trouble sleeping Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything Rubbing her face Rejecting food Grabbing her ears If you notice several of these symptoms together, it's very likely that your child is teething – but there's always the chance that it's something else.
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Question: My baby is 5 month old can i start grive water for her, as she is facing problem with her gums and she puts everything in her mouth
Answer: Hi! Pls dont offer gripe water to the baby its not safe till 6 months old, if baby is facing issues with gum she must be teething.. Teething is a painful phase and i have listed few common symptom below; 1) Drooling 2) Swollen gums 3) Irritability 4) Loss of sleep 5) Trying to bite and suck everything comes his way. 6)Rejection of food etc. Few babies poop loose too. If your baby does nt want to have solid please provide liquid and lots of breast milk as it works as a soother. Massage the gum of your baby with a cold and clean muslin cloth wrapping in your finger. Give the baby cold teether to suck on. You can give home made fruit popsicles too. Good luck !
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Question: Hello everyone my baby completed 8 months whatever she gets imstraight away she puts in her mouth and specially she puts paper is it anything prblm if sumparts of paper ll go inside like tissue paper or any paper
Answer: Same problem with my baby too, its a headache wit this habit, we shud be very careful n not to keep small thing's near to him
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