1 months old baby

Question: my baby is 22 days..she drinks formula milk,because breast milk is not being sufficient to fill her tummy.. what should I do?

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Answer: Anjir with milk first in morning try..milk will increase
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Question: My daughter is 3 months i give her formula milk because i am not having enough breast milk to fill her stomach now from 4 days she is not drinking formula milk and i am not having enough breast milk to feed her tell me what to do
Answer: try to feed more breastmilk to your baby, the more you feed your body will produce more milk. Eat healthy food like spinach broccoli Green leafy vegetables fruits nuts eggs ots fish helps in increasing breastmilk. Drink lots of water, it will help in production breastmilk. Keep breastfeeding your baby. if baby is not accepting formula milk just don't force. For some days just give breastmilk milk.
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Question: Hi my baby girl is four month old D she didn't take formula milk and my breast milk not sufficient for her what can i do
Answer: Hi Just keep feeding baby though you have low secretion as baby keeps latches your milk secretion ll improve automatically..also you can take garlic,jaggery,more dairy products,iron rich diets like green and veggies,dry fruits and nuts,jeera and methi water for good lactation....these diets are the major source to improve your secretion of milk which helps for babies healthy growth and weight gain
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Question: My baby is 16days old. I m Breast feeding him and also formula feeding coz breast milk is not enough to fill him tummy. Is thr any side effects of this? What should i do to enhance Breast milk?
Answer: Hi,bk is always better because with helps to build the immunity if your baby too. You should try this home.made powder Roast dey equal proportions of cumin seeds and fennel seeds and grind them and take 1/2 teaspoon of warm ghee and add this powder 1/2 hours. This should help
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