1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 20 days. She cries a lot even after taken breast milk several times. Is it normal? Please reply me asap

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Answer: Make sure after feeding baby is burped and is kept in upright position for 15-20mins. Burping is important
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Question: My daughter cries a lot even after brearfeed. She continuously demands milk as she is not content. She cries everytime she goes pee n potty.
Answer: Avoid having chilly and salty food in your diet .. Massage her everyday to help with her digestion
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Question: My daughter cries a lot in the past few days.We fed her several times but she avoids.what should we do?
Answer: I thought she is not feeling good..baby didn't talk so they cries a lot when they r not feeling good ..so please concern ur pediatrician
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Question: Hiii...my baby is 3 months she cries to sleep...even though she will be sleepy but she cries lot to sleep. Even after feeding she cries. Please suggest me How to make my baby sleep well?
Answer: Offer her pacifier Sing lullabies Roam her inside house
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