2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 1 mnth 54 days old...When he will see my face...

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Answer: He sees ur face daily he just need time to recognise ur face. Babies recognise their parents through smell and touch
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    Sujatha Somasundaram64 days ago

    When will he recognise my face... that is hpw many days he will take to recognise after birth

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Question: My LO is 54 days old and i want to know when he will start sleeping in the night?
Answer: Hello! Babies cannot differentiate between day and night before the age of 3 months. Once the baby is 3 months try sleep training. Try to carry out all your day activities around your baby and during night keep things silent. Fix a bed time routine for your baby. Start with a soothing massage followed by sponge bath. Put on his night dress. Dim the lights of the room. Don't engage your baby in any activity. Follow the routine for 1 month soon he ll adjust to this routine and will sleep at due hours. Take care
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Question: My baby is 54 days old.. Still he is not yet recognised face or any objects.. Is there any problem
Answer: After 2months baby will recognise ur face n smile..bczo now my baby s 2months 5days ..now only he start recognise face ...so don't worry dear...
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Question: My baby is 2months old. When he will start to stare at our faces and he can see things?
Answer: Ur baby an see everything but the distance is less. It almost take 4to 6 months for babies to stare at u. Ur baby recognises u by ur body smell
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