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Question: My baby is 3 days old , still i am not getting breast milk and also my nipples are flat, any solution

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Answer: eat daliya drink. milk and do this exercise take one. towel. and put in a warm. water after that put that warm.towel.on.ur.brest repeat this for. some time. whole. day. hope it will. works
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Question: My baby girl is 38 days old and she is still not taking breastfeed. She cries alot if I force her. So I am using breast pump. I had flat nipples and now my nipples ar getting hard. Also breast milk is low in volume. I am facing a hard and stressful time.
Answer: Hello dear It is very difficult for a newborn baby to latch flat and small nipples. But there should not be any problem with breastfeeding. Most newborns can latch on to flat nipples without much of a problem. And, as long as your baby can latch on to your breast properly, he or she will be able to draw your nipples out. There are lots of techniques that are useful in dealing with flat nipples. These include: 1. Using a pump to draw out the nipple before offering it to the baby. 2. Stimulating your nipple with a cold compress to make the nipple protrude. 3. Pulling back on the areola before you latch the baby on. 4. Finding a nursing position that allows you to support your breast and the baby’s head while working on the correct latch. Galact granules is ayurvedic powder. Have this twice a day with milk.(2 teaspoons in a cup of milk). Consult your Gynocologist she may give some tablets for a couple of days to initiate lactation. In first few days very little amount of milk is enough for your baby so don't worry momma !! Latch him whenever he wants the more he sucks the more is the milk production.
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Question: My baby is 14 days old.. still baby is not latching breast.. and not drinking sufficient milk.. I am feeding it externally.. please give solution.. I have flat nipples and nipples are big
Answer: Don't worry first thing you should put your nipple in his mouth in hungry time like this you do for frequently and use feeding nipple it will help you ok be happy with your baby
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Question: I am not getting breast milk. My baby is feeling very hungry. And my nipples also are not formed. What to do?
Answer: At present feed ur baby formula milk. Try using breast pump and also ask ur massage wali to massage ur breast so dat milk comes. This pain but for baby mom can so anything
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