1 months old baby

Question: my baby is 21 days old ..she start crying before passing stole....may b gas issue n she dont burp no matter how much i try ...plz someone suggest how i should burp her?

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Answer: Hi dear you are correct it could be due to gas or colic issues.. Please follow the tips below for colic issues, usually disappears at 3-4 months, you shouldn't offer any ghutti or gripe water because they r not safe for the little baby. Please give a nice massage around naval clock and anti clock wise. Give enough tummy time Make his legs exercise in by cycle motion. Burp the baby well after feed A nice steam bath also ease the pain. Hing mixed with lil ghee. Apply around navel. Please try to distract the baby, a lot of skin to skin also helps a lot. Hope this helps!
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    Nadia Iftikhar17 days ago

    thanx alot

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Question: My baby dosent takes burp because of which she pukes... Please suggest ethod by which i can solve her gas issue n help her burp quickly
Answer: Hi mommy, for better digestion in baby you need to make sure baby would burp,I got these tricks to my grand mother, sharing with you. You can use these tips to make your baby burp On your chest or shoulder Put a cloth over your shoulder (and even down your back) to protect your clothes from spit-up. Hold your baby against your chest so her chin is resting on your shoulder. Support her with one hand and gently pat or rub her back with the other. Or try this as an alternative when your baby has more head and neck control: Hold your baby farther up on your shoulder – high enough that your shoulder presses lightly on her belly, creating gentle pressure that will let out the burp. Support her with one hand and gently pat or rub her back with the other. Make sure your baby is able to breathe comfortably and isn't slumped over too far. A quick peek in the mirror to check her head placement can be helpful. Sitting on your lap: Put a cloth bib on your baby or a cloth over your lap to catch any spit-up.Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you. Use one hand to support his body, the palm of your hand supporting his chest while your fingers gently support his chin and jaw. (Make sure you're not putting your fingers around his throat.) Lean your baby slightly forward and gently pat or rub his back with your other hand.
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Question: Hello pls suggest what to do my baby dont cry of hunger she dont want to get feed she is on breast milk n its Alwz leaking pls help whenever I try to force her she starts crying
Answer: But don't make it always..breast milk get increasing according to feedng frequency
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Question: My baby cries alot before passing stool or urine.or even before passing gas . She is 7 days old. I m also havimg gas trouble. Wat should i do to ease her pain. I hv started givimg gripe water. Thiis has caused a bit relief. She is crying but not as before. Is it ok if i continur giving gripe water.?
Answer: Go to her doctor..may b she has constipation problm..
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