Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 14 days old. She sleeps a lot , wakes up only when hungry or when there is need of diaper change. Is it normal?

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Answer: Yes newborns sleep a lot don't worry it may continue few weeks more
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Question: My baby is 14 days old. He sleeps all the day. Wakes up only an hour or less. Is it normal or not?
Answer: Yes its perfectly normal...dont worry...just feed the baby after every two hours
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Question: My baby is 44 days old .. she sleeps a lot ..she will b awake only for an hour or so in a day ..is this normal ? She wakes up only when she is hungry ..has her feed n sleeps again..is everything fine
Answer: Everything Is perfect with your little munchkin. Newborn tends to sleep for 20-22 hours. Try to build a feeding routine for your baby. I.e., Feed her at every two hours for 20mins each breast. Follow this even if she is sleeping..feed on demand only at night. This way her weight gain will be steady.
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Question: My baby is one month and 12 days old, she is sleeping the whole day, she never wakes up even when she is hungry, is it normal?
Answer: Newborn babies sleeps a lot.. so don't worry it is normal... it takes some time to change sleeping pattern...
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Question: How much a new born baby sleeps? My baby sleeps a lot whole day and wake up at night. Whole night she wakes up, is this normal?
Answer: New born baby sleeps 15-18 hours
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