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Question: My baby is 28 days old. She passes stool in a small quantity 4 to 5 times after every milk feed. Is it normal?

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Answer: How many poops in a day does she passes. It is normal until and unless baby is not crying after every Poop or urinating with every poop as well as if you see any red rash around her diaper area or your baby is not feverish and The Poop is not at all watery The Poop should be thick creamy it should not be spurting out like a burst of water
Answer: Hi dear, babies go no pooping for days or many a tyms pooping in a day . Only consider pee count 6 or above daily n if it's dere baby is hydrated.
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Question: My baby is 6 days old and she is doing stool after evrry feed altelast 4-5 times a day. Is it normal.?
Answer: Hi even my baby used to do the same .. eventually it improved (now he is 2month) it is normal to poop more time .. keep a track on the stool colour ( refer to the poop colour chart shared in this aap)
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Question: my baby is a month old, she passes stool after every feed, is it normal??
Answer: It's very normal. This is what ideal newborn poop should be like. If it gets hard then baby is constipated. If it gets green then it could be due to mlk imbalance, viral infection etc. Red is alarming as it could be due to gastronomical infection. As long as it's yellow and grainy there is nothing to worry. Pooping 10times is normal for a breastfed baby. As at this stage baby consumes milk in very small quantity which is readily digested and excreted, so it's ohk to have 10-15 poopy diapers. As baby’s digestive system will develop number of poops will also reduce.
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Question: My baby passes normal stool but 4 to 5 times a day..is it ok??
Answer: Hello mam yes it is normal if he passes for 3 days if it continues more than 3 days he should be tken to hospital. Now the infections are flusing out from the body so dont give any medicine and stop it. Inspite you can follow the remedies avoid giving milk and milk products except curd it purifies stomach. Give more water or fluid to keep the body hydrated.
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