2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 56 days old. She makes Snoring like sound when sleeping. Is it normal?

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Answer: If baby does not any other symptoms like sneeze cough nothing to worry Some kids snore If any other symptoms present show to doctor It may be cold Give saline spray and clean nose frequently Give slight steam from distance Keep her rehydrated well Make her rest well Give medicine as per doctors advice Heat oil add camphor to it and apply on chest and back so block gets released
Answer: Observe if she has cold? ... Normally snoring sound happen when they suffering from cold. Pls consult Ur doctor.
Answer: Some times she sneez
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Question: My baby makes sound like snoring,while sleeping..is it normal?
Answer: No, there must be problm in nose. Contact doctor soon
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Question: My baby make sound like snoring while sleeping what is the reason mam? She is 11 month old.
Answer: hi ma'am don't read this is very common with some babies when they get cold and blocked nose can also cause this kind of issue we don't need to get panic next morning give water to a child you can also give Tulsi leaves juice with thoothuvalaiy karpooravalli neem leaves
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Question: Hi, my baby makes sound while sleeping. Elders says it's snoring sound. Do babies snores?
Answer: Hi,check if the baby has.cold as if the nose is blocked baby will snore.if the baby has blocked nose you can try home remedies. Keep a steamer next to the baby s bed and let the baby inhale the fumes. You should roast some ajwain and tie it in the clean cloth and make a potli and do compress on the chest. This will help the baby
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