1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 31 days old.. she is spitting more milk (sometimes as milk and sometimes as curd) even after burping for the past 4 days and for the past 2 days passing stools with sounds and watery.. pls suggest

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Answer: Milk spitting is common in babies upto 3 months of age...so not to worry about that it will gradually improve...for watery stool pls consult doctor it maybe cold.. You can give your baby small amount of jayfal with some milk it helps in cold.
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Question: My baby s 5 month old. From past 4 days she s passing watery stools. Wat would be the reason
Answer: Dear your baby is too young to be given any home remedies. First of all you need to understand the reason for loose motions. 1. ) it could be due to cold. Normally in cold baby gets losse motions. 2. ) teething could also cause. It is normal to get loose motion while teething and babies generally get their first teeth at around 4 months. 3. ) formula milk may not be suiting. If your have recently started any new formula milk may be that is not suiting to ur baby. 4. ) something in your diet could have caused the loose motion if your baby is breastfed. And lastly please do not stop breastfeeding your baby as that is the best medicine to cure your baby so that antibodies are transferred to your baby through breastmilk. Also please consult doctor for medication. Hope i helped.
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Question: My daughter is going to be 4 months old.she often spilts milk like curd sometimes milk ..even after burping she spilts curd ..how can i stop it.
Answer: Hi. Dont worry curd like vomit indicates that the milk is digested so dont worry. For small babies its very common to vomit, it coukd be because of spicy or tangy food you had or even because of gas. So avoid spicy food for now. Also massage babies tummy and make him do cycle exercise so that gas traped would release. Good luck
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Question: My baby girl is 4 months old and she is spitting milk even after burping what should I do
Answer: Dear if she is spitting curd like milk it is normal and babies do that. I consulted the doctor for my daughter and she said it is normal just burp the baby and even if she spits some curd like milk do not worry. Babies spit out the extra milk they take while feeding. Hope it helps.
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