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Question: My baby is 15 days old. She is not breastfeeding 😡. What should i do? I am giving her the formula milk but unable to understand what quantity and at what time it should be given?

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Answer: Hi dear please try to make the baby latch because if you keep and offering formula milk to your baby your supply will go down and baby will not be able to latch ever so it is better to try the baby latch as much as possible, you can meet up and lactation consultant to get cues to feed the baby and practice latching.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Give her similac IQ+ stage 1(milk powder) At first take 30ml luke warm water mix 1 scoop milk powder in it. If she wants more than take 60mlwater with 2scoop milkpowder
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Question: My baby is 15 days old she is spitting milk. I am giving her breastfeeding. What to do ??
Answer: Hi,if it is little spitting than it is normal because even after you burp the baby it is normal to spit out a little ,even I had consulted my Dr and got the same advice,also remembered while giving burp to your baby the stomachs of the baby should not be pressed ,as this can lead to vomiting.so you should make the baby sit on the lap and hive support will th one hand and pat the baby with tour other hand.this is theost ideal position to to burp the baby.
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Question: My baby is 35 days old ..i am confused what is the correct quantity of formula milk to be given her..she is even weak..?
Answer: 2-3 ounces for 2-3 hours Feed her the amount of milk that is sufficient for her hunger don't depend on quantity and forcely feed that may lead to other problems.
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Question: My baby is 5 days old. I want to know the quantity of formula milk given to baby. And how many times it should be given with breastfeeding.
Answer: The feeding instructions will be on the cover of the formula milk. Try less quantity at first to see if the babys stomach gets filled
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