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Question: My baby is 57 days old.. she is having white coloured particles in her potty..Is it normal ??

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Answer: Mustard colored or yellow-green baby poo containing small, white granules is  normal for breastfed babies. As breast milk changes, babies may have dark green or even greenish-black poo temporarily. Changes to Mom’s diet can  affect baby’s poo, too. Breastfed babies’ poo is normally runny, and baby will likely poop after every feeding. What seems like symptoms of diarrhea are actually very  normal while your baby is breastfeeding. ..Its very normla Sandhya..
Answer: at ..n i yaar,apne doctor se puchlo
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Question: My baby girl is56 days old...she is having some white colour liquid coming from her vagina...is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,few babies do get such white discharges.that is usually due to maternal hormones or baby hormones.It can be shocking to see discharge on a newborn, but fortunately, it's very common and very normal, so it's nothing to be concerned about.During pregnancy, there are high levels of hormones circulating in the body that cross the placenta and reach the baby. In newborns girls, these high levels of hormones can cause vaginal discharge. You can keep the area clean with clean moist cotton cloth.keep the area dry too. Make her wear cotton nappies and avoid diapers during day time.this should be fine in few weeks.if it persists post few weeks,check with doctor.
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