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Question: My baby is 40 days old.. She get loose motions.. What to do at home

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Answer: hi the baby is very small and cannot be given any home remedies you should consult to the doctor immediately so that the baby does not get dehydrated for medications also in the meanwhile please continue to feel your baby at regular intervals which will help the baby to be hydrated
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Question: My baby is 2 months old. She is having loose motions. What to do?
Answer: Hello dear... Since your baby is in breastfeeding, mother's diet play an vital role in digestion process, so it should fullfill baby's need Drink cumin water,ajwanwater ,will stop loose motion in baby,make a habit of drinking cumin water after meal will helps lot in digestion, Mother's should take food in regular intervals, you can 5-6 small meals, will helps to reduce gas. Please don't Starve yourself,it will increase the problem Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can also take veg with high water content like pumpkin, cucumber, raddish,plantain stem,celery,it can taken in the form of soups,salads,sabji,Avoid caffeine,cold drinks,packed foods,deep fried items Keep yourself hydrated,drink 10 - 12 glasses of water, you can also have fruit juice too Drink butter milk will reduce dehydration and releives for constipation,apply castor oil in baby's tummy,will reduce heat,helps in digestion process Boil water with ajwan seed ,and then drink,it helps a lot for indigestion. If you started giving water to your baby, feed him with little warm water. Thank you
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Question: My baby is 53 days old.. she had gone loose motions. What should i do?
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 53 days old dear due to weather change it baby have loose motion . If baby s by u should avoid taking heavy food .as rajma ,Chole, besan another heavy food. Take healthy nd light diet .give bf after 2 2 hours .give ORS after every loose motion as water level should not be down .nd consult 2 pediatrician nd gives medicine which he prescribes u
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Question: My child is merely 40 days old she don't sleep at night easily. What to do?
Answer: Hi! The entire world is new to your baby as he is only a month old, it is natural for him to be fussy as he doesnt find himself secure anymore outside the womb. Please have patience and soothe the baby, feed him well to keep him full to have a good sleep. Swaddlw him in your arns so that he feels cozy and secure. Hope this helps!
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