Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 15 days old.. She didn't potty from 2 days.. Is it normal or should i consult pedatrician?

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Answer: Hello... Dear usually breastfeeding baby poop from 3-5 days, some time it may exceed to even seven days, if baby is fine and active, it is normal, don't get worried
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Question: Hello.. My baby girl is 18 days old. From last 3 days she didn't potty.. Is it OK or I have to consult PED???
Answer: Its common.even Some babies poop at the intreval of 7 day. Its a normal problem. If you want to you can consult pediatrician
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Question: My baby has 98 temperature from 2 days is it normal or should i consult doctor.she is two month old
Answer: Hi dear... Until 100.4 degree farenheit the baby z not sick and need not worry.. once it reaches the above temperature then u can take to the doctor.. till then crocin drops every 6th hourly is enough... But be careful...
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Question: My baby is 16 days old but from 11 days she didn't did potty is it normal
Answer: go to the doctor baby don't do potty for 3 or 4 days it is normal
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