3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 75 days old nw.... He had a very beautiful hair growth when he was born... Then In few days he lost many of his hairs.... Is it normal... ??

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Answer: Hi dear it is fine as baby hair goes on resting stage and stay till 6months. After 6 months of age baby start regrowing the hair nicely. So don't worry. Also keeps on changing baby position as sleeping in same position also led ur baby loose hair due to fiction.
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Question: helo..my baby boy is going to b 3 mnths old NW..BT still he didn't get hair on his head..when he was 21 days old he had mundan..wat should I do for his hair growth
Answer: It can be difficult to predict when your baby will start growing hair because growth patterns have a great deal of variety from child to child. Some babies will have very little hair when they are born while others will already have heads covered in hair. Infants will also lose all the hair they had at birth within the initial 6 months of their life. Sometimes this hair will grow back, though it will have a different texture and color than it did initially. Some babies may be without hair for some time before their hair grows back. Either way is perfectly normal and your baby hair will grow back even if it takes time before the growth is noticeable. Take a small amount of mild baby shampoo onto your baby's scalp. Add a little bit of warm water and gently massage the scalp in circular motion with your fingertips. This rids the scalp of dirt and oil and also stimulates the hair. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft, clean towel. Gently massage with coconut oil and use baby brush..
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Question: My baby looses his weight... earlier when he was born his weight was 3.2kg bt nw he is of 2.9kg ... is it normal??
Answer: hi dear this is normal because baby's used to lose weight after birth their water level will decrease only then they will gain weight so please feed your baby regularly that haves and to gain weight and also as a feeding mother take healthy fibre rich food
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Question: baby is 76 days old.. he doesn't have hair on his head . when he was born he had very hair and within one month front hair fully gone bold. then hair started growing only in the place of bald upto 1 to 2cm by now...bt hairs are not growing on sides and back of his head.. is this problem or there is any treatment for this.. please answer me its very important
Answer: hello.. dear till 1 year of your baby age your baby hair will fall and grow.. this is normal.. after one year of age you can shave your baby head to get good hair growth.. apply coconut oil to your baby hair..
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