Few days old baby

Question: Hii fnds!! My baby is 22 days old..mine case was C-section..i just want to know when i will get my tummy back to its original position..i am using postpartum belt..but still m worried to get back as i have accumulated fat only in my tummy area nowhere else!!! More over my tummy hurts whenever i get up from the bed after laying!!i feel something is n t normal yet..how much time it will get??what shud i do??

1 Answers
Answer: Till 3mnths u will experience dat pain dear, even i had. N its too early fr u to wear maternity belt. Wait till 2mnths after tat u can use belt. Talking abt d weight as st ll ur baby is 22days old so it will take time to get back ur desired shape. So keep on breastfeeding ur baby coz its d best n effective way to burn our fat. Ve a gud luck 👍