Few days old baby

Question: My baby is 5 days old. I want to know the quantity of formula milk given to baby. And how many times it should be given with breastfeeding.

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Answer: The feeding instructions will be on the cover of the formula milk. Try less quantity at first to see if the babys stomach gets filled
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Question: How much formula milk should be given to 3 months old baby. And how many times it Shou be given.
Answer: How much... It depends on ye breast supply.. How many times... It depends ki wo feed krne k baad jga h ya soya h.. agar jga h to Baar Baar susu krne se uski tummy jaldi khali hogi or agar so gya h then will not
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Question: How much quantity of food and how many times should be given to 7month old baby ?
Answer: 2 to 3 spoons once a day.give banana to baby its healthy n make raagi jaava.
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Question: How many times water should be given and what quantity to a seven month old baby
Answer: Hi dear u can give water to the baby after feeding solid food. Particularly there is no such qty as baby would be taking milk also . 2 ounce of water is generally advisable in 24 hours.
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Question: How many times cerelac should be given to a 5 month 10 days old baby nd in which quantity?
Answer: Hi dear. Cerelac is not supposed to give for a 5 months old baby as thier digestive system is not still matured enough to digest those solid foods...please do not feed babies other than mothers milk till they complete 6 months for healthy growth and weight gain
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