2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 71 days old.. i had been breast feeding.. n i jad a good flow.. n i cudnt feed her properly for 2 days as we were travelling so she was on top feed max of the tym i cud feed her just once or twice during the day but suddenly i have noticed that my flow has become less and everytym i feed her the quantity of it is quite less n m not able to feed her tummy full. Please kindly tell me what can i do to increase my milk.. and wjat are the other alternates that i can use instead of my milk till that gets back to normal?

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Question: hello...my nipples have cracked and it pains terribly when i feed her....also my breast milk is not sufficient for my baby..im givin her top feed...what to do for my cracked nipples and less supply of BM
Answer: consult ur doc as he can prescribe an ointment to relieve ur pain and meanwhile for breast feeding u can use artificial nipples, they are available at medical store. n for improving BM u have to drink milk urself as it boosts milk
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Question: My baby 3moth 4days old she not getting sufficient milk Wt can I feed her instead of Brest milk
Answer: Plz consult Dr. And to increase your breastmilk eat jeera lauki. Grind jeera and mix it in milk, have a glass every night. Ur breastmilk will definitely increase.
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Question: What to do to increase the flow of breast milk? I am already take sava water n shatavari powder, lactonic granula powder suggested by doctor still i m feeling that my milk flow is less n i think my baby is not satisfy with this amount of milk. Actually after feeding if we give my baby a formula milk he finished it all eagerly.
Answer: It's better to eat sprouted green gram, oatmeal,sprouted fenugreek seed, barley, brown rice etc and also have plenty of water and juices.
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