5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4months 28 days old how to make bubble baby if i give any fruit puree

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Question: Can I give carrot puree to 4months old baby??
Answer: In my knowledge no I think u can start after 7 months. I did same to my baby .After 5 months completed u can start purees .First u can start with apple banana.
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Question: My baby is 7 month 3 days. how many times formula milk should be given.and how to make fruit puree
Answer: Hi dear Breast feed is a best thing than formula milk for babies atleast for a year..brest milk contains lot of immunity and if you feed baby it is good for your health too..for fruit puree if you are taking apple just boil it and peel off skin and smash it finely and feed baby..as babies digestive system are still in maturing stage do not try more a variety of fruit a day...
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Question: Can i Apple puree to my baby 4months 15 days,which fruit can i give
Answer: Hello! Please do not give anything apart from breastmilk or formula milk. The digestive enzymes are not strong enough to digest anything apart from breastmilk or formula milk. Hence, wait for the baby to turn to 6 months. Take care
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