Few days old baby

Question: my baby is 15 days old. his weight is 2.88 kg.. is this normal weight? how to increase his weight? pls suggest..

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Answer: Breast feed him nicely dear
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Question: my son is 15 days old his weight is 2200 gms how to increase his weight
Answer: Hi dear. Always remember what ever you will eat baby would get same as in breast mill so have dry fruits, fruits, green veggies etc in your diet.with good diet proper feeding techniqe is also important. Breast milk is of two type, one that comes in starting and is trasparent watery liquid its called fore milk as baby feeds the milk becomes thick by end and contains most of the nutrients and fat its called hind milk. A baby need 1/4 th of fore milk and rest hind milk for proper growth. These both type of milk is formed in every women so in you. So just dont worry and feed your baby from one breast till end so that baby gets proper fat which would increase babies weight. In case some women have too much milk the composition gets a bit chanvr so dont worry simply sqeez some of the fore milk in case. Good luck.
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Question: My baby boy is now 179 days old, but his weight is 6.5 kg only. How to increase his weight?
Answer: hi dear, breastfeed excessively your baby.. the breast milk is everything a baby want ..so if you breastfeeding baby in a regular amount i.e.90-120 ml in a day in a 3-4 hours gap..then only she can regain her weight..
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Question: My baby is 5 months old he is having loose Motion for last 15 days and his weight is just 4 kg how to increase his weight
Answer: Hi! If your baby is 5 months old and having loose motion for the last 15 days and lost weight I would suggest you to please take the baby to the pediatrician because now for the baby is only 5 months there is no point and trying for any home remedy which is your baby has not started solid at which is there a few stool binders which you can introduce to the baby as a home remedy but it is not possible with your baby so it will be better for you to take the baby to the pediatrician other than that please feed breast milk as much as possible it will give that immunity to the baby's body and make the baby healthy other than that please keep the baby clean sometimes since baby becomes a little more active during this time they pretend to put everything whatever they come across in the mouth which might also cause an infection so it will be better if you consult the doctor.. Hope baby gets well soon..
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Question: My baby is 5 months old his weight is6.6 kg is it normal? How to increase his weight
Answer: hi dear it depends on your baby's birth weight all the your baby get seems to be fine now if you will share your baby's birth that we can help you better but for proper weight gain you should feed your baby from one breast until it's empty as the milk that contains fat comes by end
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