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Question: My baby is 45 days old. His birth weight was 2.2kg. Now its 2.5kg. What to do. Feeding to pura de rahi hoo. Please help

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Answer: Hey, On an average newborn is suppose to gain 400-700gms in a month so that by the time he is 6months old his birthweight is doubled. Also net weight gain during first month is low as baby loses some of his weight during first few weeks after birth. So don't worry all is good with your baby. maintain a timely feeding schedule to help him gain weight at steady pace.
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    D B1012 days ago

    Thank you very much. Actually I am wearied.

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Question: What will be the estimated weight of my baby who is 2month 13 days old,his birth weight was 1.98kg?How can I increase his weight rapidly?
Answer: Dear your baby's birth weight is quite less than normal so you can't expect rapid growth or similar growth like a healthy birth weight baby. your baby will take more time to gain healthy wt but gradually will catch the growth. presently feed your baby after every 2 hours interval is the only thing you can do. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 82 days his birth weight 2.7 .. Today his weight was 4.2 its normal Or low weight?
Answer: Definately low weight..my baby girl was 2.3 birth weight after 3 months now 5.2 kg...give only breastmilk...powder milk is waste
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Question: Hi, my son is 3 months old and has a very slow weight gain. His birth weight was 2.16 and he's now 3.8 Please suggest what I can do to increase his weight.
Answer: it's very important to feed baby from one breast and its empty because milk that contains fat comes by end of the breastfeeding if your baby is still hungry after feeding from one breast then only switch to second breast
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