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Question: My baby is 17 days old her stomach making sound is that normal ??

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Answer: yeah the sound is normal and it is called vowel sound and it is because of the moment of the intestine you just read yourself properly and give burping for at least 15 to 20 minutes and watch for the urine output maintain a proper hygiene for your baby .It's normal in babies don't worry if the baby is active and healthy otherwise and not cranky and pees properly and taking feeds properly. Massage the baby's tummy in clockwise and counterclockwise direction around navel and press the baby's knees gently on the tummy take some hot water put a hand towel and squeeze out excess water check the cloth on your skin first and put it on the baby's tummy.
Answer: Yes I have noticed the same n it might be cause of gastric problem. Do burping after every feed n otherwise u can give colimex after consulting doctor.
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Question: My 20 days baby stomach making lot of sound
Answer: Its due to less developed digestive system 1 Mix pinch of hing in 1 tablespoon of lukewarm water n boil to make paste Apply around baby's navel in circular motion 2 Move babys legs in cycling position so gas wil pass easily 3 take out baby burp after every feeding
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Question: My baby is 27 days old her stomach is making too much of sound due to that she is bit irritated n starts crying she makes some kind of sounds while sleeping is this all normal???
Answer: Hi dear. It maybe colic. Because they swallow air while drinking milk.., becz of reflux gas form in their stomach.. We should feed head little bit high while feeding and we need to burp by keeping them on sholder even if they won't burp for atleast halfnour... Burp your baby after every feed applying hing with warm water on tummy and make the child lie on his stomach will relieve the child
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Question: My baby is 5 months old . She us flowing her saliva from her mouth by making sound (pur). Why is she making that ?
Answer: It's just a habit. It will automatically change after sometime. No need to worry.
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