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Question: My baby is 3 days old. Her eyes seems slightly yellow, is it normal or effect of jaundice? Her skin, nails are pink only

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Answer: If skin and nails are pink may be he is slightly having the symptoms of jaundice... Usually babies have that... So just do one thing give him some sunlight... Specially when Sun raises.. took him at a open place don't cover his face give him yellow light of sun... This is the winter time so don't uncover his clothes... Yes what you can do in afternoon you can take him in sunlight with uncover the clothes and give him a massage by Desi ghee or coconut oil... I preferred Desi ghee this give warmth to the child
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Question: My 22 days old baby's eyes look sometimes yellow but pee is normal and nails are pink...Is he is suffering from jaundice.? His jaundice level is 13 on 2nd day of birth
Answer: Newborn jaundice is very common and can occur when babies have a high level of bilirubin, a yellow pigment produced during normal breakdown of red blood cells. In older babies and adults, the liver processes bilirubin, which then passes it through the intestinal tract. However, a newborn’s still-developing liver may not be mature enough to remove bilirubin. This causes baby's eye and skin to appear slightly yellowish. Normally newborn jaundice goes away with on 2 3 weeks from birth as baby’s liver start developing by then and he is also taking mother's feed. Try these remedies to reduce the yellowness in baby's skin and eye- 1) Try to place baby near a glass window where ample of sunlight comes. Do this after massaging the baby. Leave him in sunlight without covering his skin for 10-15mins. The UV light from sun helps break down the bilirubin in components which can be easily passed through stool thus reducing the yellowness. 2) Feed baby at every 2 hours for 20 mins each breast. Breastmilk speeds up baby’s recovery. If still there are no changes please consult your paediatrician. Take care.
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Question: Baby eyes are yellow 5 days old jaundice test negative
Answer: Dear if jaundice test is negative then there is nothing to worry. Sometimes small babies eyes do look yellow and as baby will grow it will be fine. So dony worry..
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Question: My baby is 9 days old her eyes are slightly yellow because of which we are exposing her morning sun rays. Is that enough
Answer: Hi didnt doctor suggest u to give vitamin D3 drops for the baby? If not ask your pediatrician once. They usually give this drops n advise to give 1 drop daily till the baby is a year old.
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Question: My baby girl is 12 days old.. She is having jaundice her eyes are light yellow.. Wat to do
Answer: Baby ko morning ki sunlight me rakhiye..aur evening me night lamp laga kar uske upar light lagne de..is tarah din me do baar karne se baby ko aaram milega aur jaldi hi thik ho jayega..uske baad bhi agar 2 days me eyes pale yellow se normal na ho to consult ur doctor
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