2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 67 days old...he takes bm n remaining i pump out but from yesterday my right breast is paining a lot

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Answer: Hi dear, Check for any blisters white spot on nipples sometimes accumulation of milk makes them. Take warm water and give massage on breasts in that case as this would create blocked duct if not taken out.
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    Pooja Mehta1067 days ago

    I m feeling like fewer n my body is paining should I consult dr

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Question: Hi I bf my baby from yesterday my right breast is very hard n paining any remedy
Answer: Dear. It's called mastitis. Please keep feeding the baby from right breast. It's because of excessive milk. Try massaging so as to feel Better. In case it doesn't subside please go to your doctor
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Question: hi from yesterday my right side breast is paining lot but still I'm feeding with pain only y it's happening full pain when my baby feed also
Answer: Dear only thing that I did which helped me tremendously was while taking a shower taking luke warm water in a mug adding dettol in it placed ur palm under ur nipple and start pouring that warm water with dettol slowly so that the nipple is soaked in it for few seconds. Do it slowly till 3-4 minutes. Trust me it will help in healing and u will be fine if u do it twice in a day. Just make sure u clean it properly before u feed ur baby.
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Question: Hi. After I pump out milk with electric pump my nipples n breast pains a lot.. It pains whole day n even while m breast feeding my baby... Please help. I have been using Brest pump since 2days..
Answer: Hello! Sometimes using too much of breast pump can be painful. Don't use for a longer period. Instead use breast pump evenly through out the day . This will reduce the pain to certain extent. Take care
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