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Question: My baby is 28 days old.. he is suffering with gas problem.. and he is crying a lot because of colic.. he is not even sleeping properly.. how many days this colic will be ? What are the precautions taken ?

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Answer: Hi Gas is a common problem during  pregnancy as the digestive system takes a back seat during this phase Increase your fluid intake have 16-20 glasses of water a day Chewing ajwain would help you with bloated and indigestion Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and have that water in the morning it would help you with gas troubles Go for any form of physical activity Add a daily walk for 30 min in your routine or sign up for pregnancy yoga it would help you speed up digestion Eliminate gas triggers from your diet like cabbage,potato , broccoli, eggplant,wheat sprouts etc High fiber food in your diet help you ease gas concern fruits such as prunes,figs,banana or vegetables as well as whole grains such as oats and flax meal are fiber booster If you can't much on fiber ask your gynaclogist for a fiber supplements If you suffer painful constipation ask your doctor for stool softeners
Answer: Give him 10 drops of colicaid ...it helps...also you can give him gripe water...it helps
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Question: My baby is suffering from gas problem...he is not sleeping properly because of colic...please help me
Answer: Hello dear, Colic is a condition that causes pain in your infant's gastrointestinal tract. You can try this in this situation..... Walk him kangaroo-style With your baby.... Hold him in the "colic carry." Position your baby so that his stomach rests on your forearm and his head is supported in the palm of your hand or the crook of your arm. Rock and roll him. Rock your baby in your arms. Take him for a ride in the car, or for a walk in his stroller. The steady rhythm of any kind of movement is soothing.... Swaddle him. Some babies respond well to being wrapped tightly, especially while being rocked.... Give him a massage. Lay him tummy-down across your legs and gently rub his back to help release pent-up gas. Provide warmth. Place a warm (not hot) washcloth on his tummy or give him a warm bath. Pedal his legs. With your baby on his back, gently move his legs in a pedaling motion to help him release gas. Adjust his diet. If you're nursing and if none of the above seems to help, try changing your own diet by eliminating dairy products, caffeine, onions, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, and spicy foods. If your baby is formula-fed, ask the pediatrician about switching to a soy-based, predigested, or other hypoallergenic formula. Formula-fed babies need iron, sow low-iron formulas are rarely recommended. Hope it helped ,Take care urself...
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Question: My baby...he is 1 month 7 days old...often he is suffering with gas problem...he is not burping properly though..even after i hold him for 30 mins on my shoulders....bcz of gas he is crying a lot nd not sleeping properly...
Answer: Dear this can be a sign of colic. Generally a colicky baby will start to show signs btw 2 and 4 weeks old. Colic is defined as 3 or more hours of crying, 3 or more days a week for at least 3 weeks. These babies cry for long periods of time, inconsolably, as if they are in pain. Reflux, gas and food sensitivities can all cause this type of behavior. So to give relief to baby Place your baby face-down on your lap or upright with his tummy against your shoulder, or baby lies face down with his belly resting on your arm. Then gently rub or pat her back as you hold him. Moreover, the touch or the skin-to-skin contact of each other calm and soothes both the baby and the mother.  Burp your baby after every feed. Pat on the back to make the baby burp. Colicky babies respond well to movements. Carrying, rocking and dancing the baby might relax him a bit. always consult your doctor before offering any medication to the baby and before making any changes in the diet of both you and your baby. Colic might be caused because of some allergy, so it is always better to get an expert’s opinion.
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Question: My son is suffering from fever and loose motions because of which he is crying a lot... He is not even eating anything properly... What to do????
Answer: Hello dear.. Loose motion can happen due to dehydration, allergic to some foods. If it occurs with mild fever, it is better to consult pediatrician. I will say some home remedies that will work better... Avoid milk to your baby for couple of days, because lactobacillus present in milk will increase loose stools Boil water with ajwan or cumin seeds, filter this water and feed your baby.. it will improve digestion Avoid oil,fried foods to your baby Give buttermilk once or twice,it helps to prevent loose stools Feed him with blank foods like curd rice,bread. hope these tips helps for you..
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Question: My 77 days old baby have lot of gas problem. Because of that he is crying
Answer: If your gassy baby is in severe discomfort, try the “baby bike ride.” Lay baby on his or her back and move the legs in an up-and-down pedaling motion. This helps move gas along physically, but also helps soothe and calm nerves in the intestines.
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