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Question: My baby is 6 days old. He is still not latching on my nipples properly. I am giving him formula milk. Is it safe to start bottle feeding him so that he could learn to latch properly

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Answer: No don't use bottle for baby.. if you use the bottle baby will never latch... And why you are giving FM please express the breast milk and give him My baby also started latching after 11 days only... I use to feed him BM by expressing it.
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    Aaina Gupta863 days ago

    My BM is also not coming in sufficient quantity. Baby become weak due to insufficient milk. Doctors advised therefore to start FM

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    Latha Bharadwaj862 days ago

    Then give the milk with spoon.. and try latching the baby.. baby will learn

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Question: Gave birth to baby boy on sept 5th..breast milk strtd producing..bt my baby is nt latching .he always cry wen taken near nipples....hw to make him learn to latch nipples....tips plz... finding diffculty
Answer: Don't worry even my baby used to cry because she was also not able to latch ,then doctor advised me ,hold your nipples and stretch your nipples to babies mouth ,and hold his head properly to your breast so that he can try to latch properly ,take your mom's help . Continuously try this he will definitely latch up nipples .
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Question: My baby is not latching since i have inverted nipples and its been 13days he has got used to the feeding bottle. How do i get him to latch.? Just once he tried to latch himself n drank little milk. After that he is very lazy to latch. Cries a lot if we keep him hungry so he latches for milk.
Answer: About 10% of women have flat or inverted nipples. You can do a “pinch test” by gently compressing the areola just behind the nipple. If your nipple remains flattened or appears to pull in, then you know you have flat or inverted nipples. Inverted nipples do not protrude from the level of the areola instead they are pulled inwards. Some nipples are known as a “true inversion,” this means that the nipple cannot be everted (pulled out), while others can be everted with stimulation or suction, such as with a breast pump. If your baby cannot attach and feed well then try bringing out your nipple just before feeding with hands on stimulation by rolling the nipples and “pinching” (gently) around the areola. A cold compress for a few minutes may be helpful to keep the nipple everted. Use the breast pump just before feeds to pull out the nipple Shape your breast before a feed. Compress your fingers a few centimetres behind your nipple to make a “V” or “C” shape. This can help baby attach deeper onto your breast tissue and feed well.
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Question: My baby is 4 days old..he is not drinking breast milk..he will cry to latch the breast..so we are giving formula milk..please suggest how to make him latching the breast
Answer: Hi dear, same happened with my baby too. O started feeding my baby using nipple shield. This will help ur nipples to ooze out. It will help your baby to hold the nipple in his mouth. Nipple shield se feed karate karate beech me apna nipple uske mooh me daaliye. Wo suck karne lagega. 4 days Maine nipple shield se pilaya....fir wo directly mere breast se pine laga
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