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Question: My baby is 32 days old.. he doesn't poop regularly.. only for the first 4 days he pooped regularly.. after tat he pooped aft 10 days.. v consulted pediatrician.. he said to use rectal thermometer and if not successful to use tablet.. when used tablet he pooped.. aft tat again same prob.. v use thermometer for him to poop two days once. He struggles so much.. only when v use thermometer he poops.. Im worried so much as a mom to c him struggle this much.. please suggest me what to do..

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Answer: If ur breastfeeding the baby please increase ur fiber reach food intake it will help baby to pass stool smoothly. Breastfeeding babies can poop once in 7 days is normal as per my pedea but don't use thermometer on 2 nd day this process will also disturb ur child .
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    Mercy Amala873 days ago

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Question: My baby is 6mth old.... started solids...banana pure...n nestle nestum...he is both on formula milk n breast milk...from the time we started solids...his poop is dark brown colour n very hard consistency....he struggles so much to poop....is it ok to give him solids...how can i save him from that hard pooping struggle
Answer: hi you should try giving your baby banana and papaya as this will help the baby in passing motion freely you should also apply Vaseline to the anus of the baby if nothing is helping you should consult to the doctor as the doctor will suggest some probiotic which will help the baby
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Question: My baby is 47 days old he had not pooped in last week for 5 days...so the suppository was used after which he pooped in 10 mins...now again its 2 days he has not pooped...m worried...he is exclusively on breastfeeding..wt to do to make him poop regularly....any remedies please suggest
Answer: Need not worry.. Dr usually says that baby maynot do the motion upto 9-15 day's. But it should pass urine upto 12-20 times.. It may decrease based on the growth. Use coconut oil to that place during bath daily.. You consume more water
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Question: My baby is 2 yrs9 mnths old !she doesn't poop regularly when she gets fever she suffers so badly to poop!she poops alternative days!what should I do to poop regularly
Answer: Please give her sufficient liquids. Coconut water has fantastic medicinal properties
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