1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 28 days old evreytime he does potty he cries a lot

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Question: My baby is 15 months old he is doing potty once in a week.he cries a lot while doing potty
Answer: Hi dear For babies constipation you can soak some 4-5 kismis(black kismis for effective result) in warm water and let it for an hour and give the water to baby..it helps baby to relieve from constipation... Also apply some castor oil around baby's belly and give gentle massage in clockwise motion for 10 min it reduce babies body heat and helps to relieve from constipation
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Question: My baby is 28 days old and is suffering with serious gastric trouble. He then cries a lot. Please suggest
Answer: You can give him Colicaid drops. They are very effective. Give 2 to 3 times a day according to the level of gas. Also u can apply diluted hing water on the stomach of the baby ( don't apply on the navel ) And try moving it hand on the stomach in clock wise motion. This will be soothing for the baby. Good luck
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Question: my baby does potty after 3 4 days nd cries a lot when he does what should i do
Answer: Hai dear.. Change your diet plan.. Eat leafy vegetables n fibre content food n banana.. Easily digestible foods
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