2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 59 days old... can i put him on my lap in sitting position...?

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Answer: Hello dear your baby's neck and head has to be firm and also hold the baby in horizontal position only then the head becomes firm. Also you can make baby sir in the lap after five months giving hand support on the baby's spine so that it won't harm the baby.
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Question: my baby is sleeping less these days when he is in lap he sleeps when I put him on bed he awakes ?? why he is sleeping less
Answer: hello.. dear if your baby is sleeping in your laps and awaking on bed means your baby feels that you my mom is not near to me... thats why he is awake.. for this you can sleep with your baby for sometime making skin to skin contact to your baby and also if you have plenty of breast milk then soak your breast milk in clean towel and put near your baby so with that smell it helps to baby sleep.. all the best... enjoy your milestones
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Question: My baby is 4months old can i put her in sitting position?
Answer: Hi dear plz don't let ur baby sit in this position as it can affect ur baby backbone. Do let baby have more of tummy time which is fine. It will.help ur baby get a balance of body and neck.
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Question: My baby is 129 days old so can i sit him in my lap?
Answer: Hi, yes you can but not for long time as the muscles of the baby ate not so strong, so you should burnout much pressure.. You can make him sit for a few minutes in a comfortable position.
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