1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 26 days old. Can I allow my baby sleep continiously for 4-5 hours during night without feeding in between or should I wake him up after 2-3 hours to feed him?

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Answer: Dear you can let the baby sleep for 3-4 hours and then give the feed at night. 5 hours gap would be too much. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi... My baby is 49 days old.. sometimes she sleeps continuously for 4-5 hours without feed.. should i wake her up in-between her sleep to feed her or let her wake herself for feeding..
Answer: If your baby is gaining weight normally then no need to worry. Wake her up in every 3 hours and feed. As sleep is also important. A baby who sleeps well grows well.
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Question: My baby is 13 days old, should I wake him for milk feeding or allow to sleep for more hours?
Answer: Hi,yes it is p to wake the baby to feed milk every two hours for the growth of the baby.
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Question: My baby sleeps for 4 to 5 hours almost in afternoon time and i feed him after he wake up not in between his sleep.. so is it big gap like feeding after 4 to 5 hours???
Answer: Yes dear.. You need to wake hime up after 2 hours and feed him
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